Mae (maetang) wrote,

The LJ FAIL roundup.

So at the moment it looks like this latest round of LJ FAIL includes...


These are bugs, rather than purposeful FAIL.

  • A bug whereby "/" in tags isn't working. This is an actual bug, and should be fixed. For now, you can manually correct the URL when you select any tags with a "/" in them, and it will still work. It's laborious, but can be done.

    (Of course it's particularly irritating for all of fandom, to suddenly discover they can't sort through their slash fiction.)

  • Meanwhile, there's also problems with the implementation of pingbacks. Some users in news are saying that since it's been reintroduced, they got pingbacks even though they had previously turned those off. They had to turn them off all over again. So you might want to recheck your Pingback settings, even if you turned them off previously.

    Others are saying they got pingbacks from F-locked posts. This is in direct oppostion to the LJ FAQ on how pingbacks are supposed to work:

    Pingback notifications include the name and URL of the page that is linking to your entry as well as a brief quote from the text where your entry is linked. Pingback comments to your journal will be left as screened comments. Please note that pingbacks only work for public entries. Friends-Only or Private entries cannot receive pingbacks. [Emphasis mine.]
    So yeah. That's b0rked too.


    Not bugs, but just dumb effects of the implementation of the crossposting to Twitter/Facebook "feature".

  • If you connect your LJ to Facebook, your Facebook name will be listed on your LJ profile page, under "external services". cleolinda helpfully tested what happens if you do crosspost comments (including long comments with a lot of text), and also has a screencap of her FB name appearing on her profile page. You can check out the screencaps here.

    I can imagine a situation where people want to connect to FB and have their journal entries there, but do NOT want the connection to work the other way, ie: having their FB name - which for most people is also their Real Name - appearing on their LJ profile. So this is just... Bad. AND you don't get warned that this will happen. It's not mentioned in LJ's FAQ on crossposting to Twitter and Facebook, for instance. NO WARNING, folks. That means that people who choose to connect to TwitBook are not giving fully informed consent, in terms of what happens next.

    ETA: And if you want screencaps of what happens when a comment from an F-locked post is crossposted to Facebook, dysonrules has tried it out. Note that your icon will be revealed too.


  • It took 5000+ comments on the original post on news, before an LJ staff member replied. It took another couple hundred more comments, before the post on news was amended to read:

    Update: Thank you for taking the time to offer your honest feedback. We understand and appreciate your desire for privacy. We share your concerns. Most of us would not want to publish our LiveJournal usernames or FO comments to Facebook or Twitter either (to the extent we even use them). Please give us a little time to address your concerns. We are listening, and we'll do our best to respond.
    Meanwhile, in the original reply from the LJ staffer, she wrote:

    In the meantime, we would love for you to vote on this poll posted by surrey_sucks.
    So that's another place to make your response known, I guess. But that's not mentioned in the update to the news post, so people might not know to register their opinions that way too.

    When I'm looking at it now, the poll currently shows 4890 participants, with 12 people thinking the crossposting to TwitBook is a "great idea", 188 people thinking "What's the big deal?", and 4741 people thinking it's an "AWFUL" idea.

    That looks... Pretty definitive to me!

    Meanwhile, the comments on news are still coming in. I wonder how long it'll be before LJ get a hold of the Public Relations FAIL aspect of this and actually make a new, proper news post acknowledging the issue, acknowledging the problems, and describing how they're going to fix all of this?
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